Lotus Flowers - Ogawa Kazumasa


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  • Date of Creation: Meiji period (1896)
  • Art Movement: Ukiyo-e

The exquisite hand-coloured flower collotype, Lotus Flowers, was featured in the 1896 book Some Japanese Flowers.

About the Artist:

Kazumasa Ogawa (1860 – 1929) was a pioneering Japanese photographer who lived through the Meiji era. He’s known for a lot of photographic firsts — first photo studio in Tokyo (1884), first collotype photo printing business (1889), the list goes on — but he’s also known for his hand-colored photos of flowers, plants and landscapes of Japan.

All toppings are sold individually. Order two if you want a pair. 

You need a Jewelry Base to wear this Topping/Charm. 

  • 35mm x 22mm stainless steel sheet with 14k gold/silver plated frame
Lotus Flowers - Ogawa Kazumasa
Lotus Flowers - Ogawa Kazumasa

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