Celebration! Ribbon Choker


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This is for the Choker Base ONLY. To complete your look, add toppings to this base!

A beautiful high-quality piece of fabric has been fashioned into a choker lending a Victorian vibe with an ultra-chic edge that is fashion forward and right on trend. A brightly polished medallion pendant is set in the center with a small ring bail and awaits the topping of your selection. Add pops of color to this rich fabric which is easy to customize with magnetic technology and create your own personal choker.

- 18K Gold plated on Brass
- 5/8" double face satin cord
- Adjustable choker length: 12 to 14 inches
- Magnet diameter: 10mm
- Hypoallergenic

Celebration! Ribbon Choker
Celebration! Ribbon Choker

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